Computer expert Martin Bishop (Redford) heads a team of renegade hackers – including a former CIA employee (Sidney Poitier), a gadgets wizard (Dan Aykroyd), a young genius (River Phoenix) and a blind soundman (David Strathairn) – who are routinely hired to test security systems. But Bishop’s past comes back to haunt him when government agents blackmail the “sneakers” into carrying out a covert operation: tracking down an elusive black box. Along with his former girlfriend (Mary McDonnell), Bishop’s team retrieves the box and makes a stunning discovery – the device can break into any computer system in the world. With factions from all sides willing to kill for the powerful box, Bishop and his team embark on their most dangerous assignment ever in this exhilarating high-tech caper.


This is the most accurate Hollywood movie in regards information security to date. The movie covers several different topics from dumpster diving to social engineering. If you haven’t seen this movie and you are in the information security space you have to see it next.

Information Security Topics

Shoulder Surfing – With the window shades open and the computer oriented perfectly to exposed to the window, the team uses a video camera to record the person logging into his computer from the building next to it.


Social Engineering – Establishing a quick form of authority and then occupying the person with a argument allows Martin to get access to a badge only area.


Dumpster Diving / Profiling a Person – By looking through the target’s garbage, the team finds a receipt for a dating service which they leverage to get close access to the target.


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